What Can Coaching Do For You? (and a practical guide for looking inward)

Ask yourself this question. If you need some help looking inward, some areas you may examine include:

  • Your Overall Wellbeing (are you Happy? is your cup full? do you feel satisfied with your life?)

  • Your Sense of Purpose (do you feel you are working on or towards what you believe you are meant to be doing in life?)

  • Your Physical Body (are you comfortable with how your body moves, feels, or appears?)

  • Your Relationships (are you doing and giving your best in all of your relationships?)

  • Your Sense of Intuition (are you in touch with your sense of inner knowing? do you feel dialed in to your "inner compass"?)

  • Your Sense of Love (do you feel in Love with your life and yourself?)

These are a few examples of the aspects you can examine in yourself that relate to what I work on with people in a coaching relationship. However, you do not need a coach to feel these things out. Really, all you need is a quiet space, a clear mind, and perhaps a journal. You can write these questions down and pose them to yourself, answering with the utmost honesty you can. If you are dishonest with these answers, then you are being dishonest with yourself, and in turn, you will end up being dishonest with others. But by being 100% honest and transparent with yourself, you can cultivate a sense of inner knowing that manifests into a beautiful thing in this world. In essence, it will grant you freedom, awareness, and peace. I think we can all agree our world needs more people encapsulating that.

Sometimes asking these questions, or even taking the time for yourself to look inward can be challenging. There are a million and one distractions in this hectic, flashy world we live in; our world is engineered to vie for our attention. And past that, our inner world can be even more distracting in itself: racing thoughts, physiological or emotional stress, pressure to do this or that... you get the point. It can be tough to give yourself this time, and tough to work through this type of time in itself.

Now, I am one always geared toward solutions. The solutions here are quite simple in concept, but the difficulty can lie within the "doing" (it's pretty rare the difficulty doesn't lie within action though, am I right?). Note, though, that these solutions are not all encompassing. There are many ways to go about this process, and we all possess the solutions within us already. However, I will portray my personal perspective on how to navigate these issues.


- How to make giving yourself the time to look inward easier:

  • This is a matter of prioritization - of what is important in your life. In other words, can you prioritize the time to serve yourself (and in turn, better serve others). Choosing to take just a few minutes to look inward and ask important questions is in itself a self-service. Whether or not you have the answers right away, the simple act of doing this task is serving you. You are doing yourself a favor, regardless of the results. The medicine is in the process. And, if you do not have the answers immediately, they will come in time - know that.

- How to make the act of self examination easier:

  • Essentially, this comes down to clearing one's mind. If you have reached this point, then you have already given yourself permission to spend this time looking inward, and as we now know, you have already begun serving yourself. Acknowledge that. Now, if your mind or body is too "loud," the next step is to simply notice that. It is an appearance in consciousness, just like any sound, sight, sensation, feeling, or thought truly is. Continue noticing whatever is appearing. Do not push anything away, nor attempt to hold onto anything. Simply notice. Continue doing so throughout this whole practice. What I am describing is mindfulness (see my first blog post for a deeper dive into this topic). At this point, it is a great time to ask yourself the questions you have chosen to ask, or to decide what questions you want to ask! Continue noticing whatever appears, and proceed with answering your questions with complete honesty.

And voilà! You've done the thing. You've taken time to inspect your inner world. Take a moment to appreciate yourself for this, and know you have taken a positive step towards creating the version of yourself you choose to be, and towards creating a world you want to be in.

Now, let's return to the question imposed in this post's title. Coaching, and in my case, Nurse Coaching, is a practice and philosophy oriented almost entirely around assisting the client in answering questions like these. I am trained and naturally inclined towards serving others in a way that promotes the tapping into of one's inner power. We all have this power in equal quantity - we are born with it. However, the quality of this power is what we work on generating. As a board certified nurse coach, I work with people to help them achieve what they want to achieve, create what they want to create, feel how they want to feel, and express how they want to express (just to name a few broad examples). I do not provide the answers or solutions for you; rather, I facilitate your retrieval of them from your inner knowing, and assist you in co-creating the vision / goal / dream you desire. If I gave you the answers or solutions, then they would not be your's and you would desire them less to far less than if you created them on your own. Nevertheless, with a nurse coach, you have a trained expert to assist you in this important process no matter where you are at in it.

In a coaching relationship with me, with your permission and choice, we can address and answer these all important, life-scope questions. It's a good place to start for most people, because I find most have not examined these questions on their own, and there's nothing wrong with that. In a coaching space, there is no judgement nor scrutiny. The space we create in a coaching relationship is entirely built around empowering the client, tapping into inner truth, dreaming big, questioning the stories we tell ourself, co-creating exciting goals, enjoyably generating motivation, and manifesting the version of oneself that is desired. Being able to help and serve others in this way is my purpose. It keeps my cup full to help you in filling your's. It is my privilege and passion to be doing this work, and you can know I will always serve you to my highest capability - whether you are my client, a reader, follower, friend, or simply someone in passing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! And thank yourself as well, because if you are here then you are likely in pursuit of your own truth in some shape or form. I wish you the deepest of blessings and fortune in your life's journey. Even if you are not really looking for a coach, I would love to connect and share a conversation related to anything here or whatever is on your mind.



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