These are the products and companies James personally uses and recommends. (Expect more as I continue to build the site!)

Here is a bank of resources you can use for your personal health and wellness journey. Expect resources that will include links to the nutrition, supplementation, environmental optimization, fitness, sleep, biohacking, and mental performance (just to name a few) tools, tactics, products, and companies that I personally use on a daily basis. All items here have been vetted and verified by myself and many others in the health and wellness space. I have done the research and experimentation to make sure all of these items are reliable and effective. Furthermore, I want to give credit to the giants' shoulders I stand on, so you can also expect here links to the experts and gurus I have learned from and continue to learn from. I want to make this journey as easy and enjoyable for you as I can. Also, expect many discount codes and goodies of that nature!

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Thrive Market

Thrive makes healthy living accessible to Americans by providing organic brands you love, for less.

Thrive Market is a socially conscious online marketplace providing you access to over 4,000 organic, non-toxic, and natural products—guaranteed savings on your favorite organic brands, delivered to your door.

At Thrive, you'll find everything need, from food to supplements, home cleaning and laundry supplies, to bath and beauty products. Thrive is your one-stop shop to make shopping easy.

By cutting out the middlemen, Thrive saves you 25-50% off retail, so you can buy healthy food from top-selling, organic brands at wholesale prices. So, not only is shopping at Thrive cheaper than fancy upscale markets, but Thrive often matches (and even beats) prices at discount online retailers.

The high standards that Thrive upholds allow you to feel even better about your purchases:

  • Ethical & sustainable sourcing

  • Carbon-neutral shipping

  • Zero-waste warehouses

  • Recyclable/compostable packaging

And, to top things off: Thrive Market gives back, and helps you give back, too.

Every annual membership sponsors a free one for a family in need. You can save when shopping for your family, and help another family with their shopping needs.

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Misfits Market

Misfits Market is dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. They work directly with farmers and makers to rescue organic produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste, then deliver them to your door—all while passing the savings on to you. Every Misfits Market box you order benefits farmers, helps prevent food waste, and ultimately helps save our environment.

Misfits is an excellent option for those who prioritize high quality food but at the same time want to minimize expense. It is also perfect for those who do not have good access to organic, high quality, and sustainable produce and food goods. I highly recommend this service for your nutrition needs, as it simplifies grocery shopping, is a benefactor to your finances, provides you with quality nutrition, and helps to support our planet.

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Public Goods

Public Goods is a one-stop-shop for sustainable, high-quality everyday essentials made from clean ingredients at an affordable price.
Rather than buying from a bunch of single-product brands, Public Goods members can buy all of their premium essentials in one place with one beautiful, streamlined aesthetic.
Public Goods searches the globe to find clean, healthy, eco-friendly, and innovative products like sulfate-free shampoo, hand sanitizer, and tree-free paper products.
They ethically source and obsessively develop each of their products to be free of unhealthy ingredients and harmful additives. Public Goods is committed to making their products healthy and safe for humans, animals, and the environment. They also plant one tree for every order placed and incorporate sustainability into every part of the company.
Public Goods is so confident that you will love their products that they're giving you $15 to spend on your first purchase with no obligation. See my link below!

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Kion supports your most joyful, active life with pure, energy-enhancing supplements and functional foods.
But Kion's approach to energy is different from other companies.
Most of today’s energy products don’t enhance your natural energy. They simply deliver artificial boosts with temporary results, a subsequent crash, or use ingredients with negative long-term effects.
In other words, many products give you energy for right now, without considering how they affect the rest of your life.
Kion is redefining energy solutions with products designed to give you energy for life, every day.
Kion supplements and functional foods target the various causes of low energy, helping unlock your body’s natural energy—your Ki—from all angles.
From pure amino acids to our clean, organic coffee, you can trust that Kion formulas are always:

  • Research-backed and quality tested

  • Made with the cleanest ingredients available to science and nature

  • Designed to support sustained, natural energy without the artificial boost or crash


Four Sigmatic

For thousands of years, functional mushrooms have been used as a daily tonic to support overall wellness.

And, in the last 10 years, they've made their way into the spotlight as one of the top superfoods for brain function and immune support.

But, how do you know which mushroom products are beneficial and safe to consume? And what's the best way to consume them?

Enter Four Sigmatic—a company dedicated to harvesting the healing power of mushrooms and making them accessible to everyone.

At Four Sigmatic, only the world’s best ingredients are used to craft delicious mushroom elixirs. Pre-measured into single servings, you simply mix them into your smoothie, or a cup of hot water for an instant coffee, tea, or hot chocolate fortified with the power of functional mushrooms.

Some of Four Sigmatic's delicious mushroom elixirs include:

  • Reishi Elixir - Making this part of your bedtime routine is the best way to leave your stress behind and feel great the next day.

  • Chaga Elixir - Start your day with a strong defense. Chaga mushrooms support overall wellness and your immune system so you can take on today.

  • Cordyceps Elixir - Up your performance and face your challenges like champ!

  • Lion's Mane Elixir - For those days when you need help clearing brain fog, Lion’s Mane mushroom is your go-to. Elevate your smoothie or tea break with this gift for your brain.

Whether you're looking for support with productivity, de-stressing, or boosting your immune system, Four Sigmatic has just what you need.

All products at Four Sigmatic are USDA organic and third-party lab tested for purity.